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We are so excited to welcome you to BeReal, the edible bakeable cookie dough you can eat raw AND bake!

We mix every batch of BeReal Edible Bakeable Cookie Dough by hand, using only premium organic, plant-based and gluten-free ingredients. BeReal is dairy-free,egg free and soy-free, too. Everything in our dough is also non-GMO and fair-trade certified.

And, you can not only safely eat our dough raw, right out of the container. You can also leave it in your pantry, unopened for two months! That makes us different than any other raw cookie dough on the market.

Taste BeReal for yourself! Order online in our Shop or come meet us and sample our dough both raw and baked into cookies at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival on Oct. 6-7. We cant wait to share our all-real indulgence with you.

Keeping it real by the spoonful.

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