“BeReal doughs are beyond amazing! They are a delicious, healthy, and environmentally respectful snack. The fact that they are soooo delicious while managing at the same time to be soooo virtuous makes them unique, and because they are unique they have a unique taste that has to be tasted to be appreciated. Try them. You will fast become a believer!”

—Bob W. – Yarmouth Port, MA

“I just wanted to let you know my 12 year old granddaughter is one of the pickiest eaters around and she loved your dough and chocolate chip cookies…and so did everyone else. No one other than her knew this was a gluten free cookie.”

—Barbara G – Yarmouth Port, MA

“The dough is absolutely delicious…. my daughters raved about the taste. Both daughters very enthusiastic about the ingredients.”

—Roger D – Hyannis, MA

“Your cookie dough is delicious. I’ve been making three cookies at least three times a week to control eating them. They taste great.”

—Kyle K – Centerville, MA

“We are not gluten free but my entire family loved your dough and cookies. If I were going to someone’s house who was gluten free, I would definitely purchase this product. Thanks for the lovely experience….they were YUMMY!”

—Alice M – Corinth, VT

“My son put peanut butter on the cookies while they were baking and then topped them with banana….he’s picky and he loved them!”​

— Julie R. – Barnstable, MA

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the cookie dough!  I love the dough and needed to stop eating it so I could bake some off to freeze some for when my son when he visits because he loves them too.  It’s so great that people are becoming more and more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and that your cookie dough is Organic and GMO-free.  Will recommend to all my friends. Thank you again!”

—Pam K – Falmouth, MA

“Is a big hit! I’ve never allowed my kids to eat raw cookie dough because of the risks of eating raw eggs. They are delighted with your cookie dough! Caroline can’t wait to try baking up a batch as well.”

—Lauren G. — Wellesley, MA

I enjoy making my own cookie dough but decided to try these because I was curious about gluten free ones. Since they’re vegan and egg-free, you can eat the dough. I baked them. They turned out delicious.

I made them a little thick so they’ll be soft. The chocolate chips were very chocolatey and rich. The cookie itself was soft and tasted like chocolate too. The softness was more like a soft crumbly texture. It’s a great cookie. I find this cookie more satisfying than regular cookies because of the flours they use. @berealdoughs is a great company to buy it from. The dough is also shelf-stable. Good job.

—@Angellbellemorroll – San Diego, CA

I’m a sucker for a fresh baked cookie out of the oven but I find myself snacking on their cookie dough straight from the fridge, off a spoon without all the guilt! 🍪

As the holidays are coming up, it definitely makes a useful purchase or great gift for someone special. Who doesn’t need cookies in their life that are all natural?! 🍪 🙃

—@Healthing_you – Baltimore, MD

I can’t believe it’s 20 days till Christmas! If you’re wanting to give Santa (or yourself) some #vegancookies this year, I just baked some delicious #chocolatechipcookies sent to me from @berealdoughs

They’re #organic soy/gluten/preservatives free and edible raw! I made it extra special with a scoop of @sodelicious Salted Caramel Cluster cashew milk ice cream, and a glass of almond milk.

I might just it it all myself…#sorrynotsorry Santa

—@Nikovegan – Dallas, TX

❤We had a blast baking and decorating all of the cookie dough on Christmas Eve…  Every cookie was eaten Christmas Day. They were delicious!

—Karen MacDonald – MA