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Mini Snack Sampler

Choose four of our 4-ounce snack cups to make your own mini sampler. Enjoy a special moment in your day... an indulgent healthy snack that requires absolutely no effort. Just grab a spoon and find a quiet spot to unwind. Choose from our handmade favorites:
  • Signature Chocolate Chunk
  • Cacao Fudge Chip
  • Cape Cod Cranberry Chocolate Chunk
  • Holiday Gingerbread
  • Good Sugar Cookie
  • Oatmeal Cranberry
BeReal edible and bakeable cookie dough is now certified gluten free and, as always, all of our ingredients are certified organic, gluten free, plant-based, non-GMO & fair-trade. All products are also free of 10/12 top allergens, including dairy and soy. Safe to toss in a lunch bag, backpack, locker, or beach bag. Our dough is always ready to enjoy because it’s safe to store at room temperature. Of course, it can also be baked into warm gooey cookies. Each 4-ounce container comes with an individually wrapped wooden spoon-- just like the old days-- so you can enjoy a healthy snack wherever you go! Each 4 oz Snack Cup makes 4-6 cookies (roughly 3" diameter)

To Form a Perfect Cookie

Use a generous tablespoon of cookie dough. Remember to pat the shapes down to your desired thickness as they don’t spread like usual cookie dough because they do not contain butter. Thin for crispy cookies, a little thicker for chewy cookies.


Shelf stable at room temperature, please check best by date. Dough can be moved to the refrigerator or freezer for an additional 60 days of freshness. Now with Extended Shelf Life of 120 days! Refrigerate after opening.