We are pleased to announce our membership in the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA).

The PBFA was founded to promote the plant-based foods industry by removing obstacles to a fair and competitive marketplace for alternatives to animal ingredients and products.

Their Mission:

  • Engage in education, public relations, and media outreach to increase visibility for plant-based foods and boost consumer acceptance;
  • Eliminate policies and practices that place plant-based meats, milks, eggs, and butters at an economic disadvantage, such as labeling restrictions;
  • Change the debate on important public policy issues such as the dietary guidelines.

PBFA is the only organization taking a public health approach to getting people to eat more plant-based foods. Public health research shows that the key to better eating is changing the food environment, which means not just educatingpeopleabout what they should eat but also ensuring that great-tasting plant-based foods are widely available, convenient, and affordable.

As a proud member, we heartily support the mission of the PBFA to continue to provide better options to consumers by supporting the efforts of companies dedicated to developing plant-based foods.

Learn more about the PBFA and their mission:


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