Our quest to create delicious, organic, gluten-free, plant-based cookie doughs began when avid baker Mary Galvin decided to heal herself through diet and nutrition. Mary, who is a nurse practitioner, had suffered many illnesses since 1999 and then was also diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2014.

You see, Mary loves baking. And she is happiest when she is wearing her apron and mixing away in the kitchen, trying to come up with the next sweet concoction. She simply refused to give up baking – and was determined to bake things she could actually eat!

So, she searched and searched for just the right ingredients to make a healthier cookie dough that tasted as good as the original. You can be sure it was no easy task to create all-new recipes with no flour, no dairy, and no eggs!

After she couldn’t find a flour on the shelf that had quite the right consistency, Mary made her own, with a mixture of white rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch. She also found a blend of coconut and palm oil that’s sustainably sourced. And she located incredibly delicious organic, all-natural, dairy-free, gluten-free 70% cacao chocolate chips. The result: a dough and cookie that no one could believe was gluten-free and plant-based!

Friends asked for dough. Relatives wanted cookies every time they stopped by. And people wanted to place orders for parties. They said they couldn’t even tell the difference between the original recipes and the gluten-free, plant-based ones.

And then it came to Mary’s attention that this dough — without eggs, dairy or gluten — might be fully safe not only to eat raw but to leave on your counter or pantry shelf!

She had the dough tested in a lab and found that this mouthwatering, raw cookie dough is indeed shelf-stable at room temperature. That means you can not only safely eat it raw – right out of the container – but you can also leave it in your cabinet, unopened for at least 3 months (please check best buy sticker). It’s unlike any other raw cookie dough on the market. In fact, her unique process is patent-pending.

BeReal Doughs are now certified plant-based and gluten-free. As always, all of our ingredients are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO & fair trade. Eat it Raw AND Bake it. We’re thrilled to share this healthier cookie dough with all of you. Taste it and let us know what you think.

We’re keeping it real … on your spoon and in your cookies, warm out of the oven.

Mary Galvin, found of BeReal Dough in her kitchen.