At BeReal Doughs, it’s our mission to make the best tasting gluten free, organic, plant-based treats with carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients. We care about the health of our customers and the health of the planet.

We strive to bring our customers the healthiest edible, bakeable cookie dough around. That’s why all of our ingredients are certified organic, gluten free, plant-based, non-GMO and fair trade. We also use no dairy, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives.

All BeReal doughs are plant-based and vegan. You might wonder why we use the term “plant-based.”

People who eat a whole foods, plant-based diet emphasize eating whole fruits and vegetables, and consuming lots of whole grains. They stay away from the intake of animal products and processed foods, both for health and environmental reasons.

Some people who eat a whole foods, plant-based diet don’t eat any animal products, while others will eat a restricted amount. It’s flexible in that way, but strict in its focus on eating whole foods. So, while someone who is vegan could also be eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, the two are not interchangeable.

According to One Green Planet: “By choosing to eat more plant-based foods you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind.”

We invite you to join us as we reinvent indulgence.