Edible Cape Cod Features BeReal Doughs as a “Notable Edible”

“There is finally a solution to late night—or otherwise—raw cookie dough cravings without taking your life in your hands. Mary Galvin has created a shelf-stable cookie dough—BeReal—that is safe to eat raw and tastes great baked, too.”

Susan Fernald of Edible Cape Cod interviewed Mary Galvin, creator of BeReal Doughs in her Cape Cod kitchen this summer. As Susan points out, it is difficult to find a fresh gluten-free cookie outside of a gluten-free bakery. Having one (or six) of these one pound containers of cookie dough in your kitchen means you have a snack at hand anytime, just add a spoon!

Find out which is Susan’s favorite flavor and read more about her take on Mary’s story here.


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